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netflix approved
shot on weapon
rui guerra underwater cameraman


We have all the needed equipment for a successful underwater shooting


  • Red Weapon 6K with RED PL, Canon and Nikon mounts

  • Several battery packs, each with a maximum autonomy of 4h30
  • RED SSD 1 TB for 1h15 non stop recording + 480 GB for 35' of recording time

  • Canon R5 with RF to EF mount with ND filter

  • Underwater housings with 100% camera's control

  • Several ports (domes, flat and special underwater corrected lens converter)

  • Underwater monitors

  • Ability to use several cinema lens from Arri/Zeiss, Atlas, Leica, Canon, Sigma, Tokina

  • Several lenses (Zeiss, Canon L, Sigma Art, Nikon, Laowa)

  • Several powerfull underwater lights with remote controlers and spare batteries

  • Underwater cables to live video feed to surface and camera/lens control

  • Underwater communications with divers (both ways) and with actors (on way)

  • Underwater tripod, fluid head, slider, skater

  • Large black tissue to cover pool's walls

  • Underwater bubble maker system
  • Closed circuit rebreather (to dive withou bubbles and extended time underwater)
  • Standard open circuit diving equipment
  • Rui Guerra with camera
    arri 8R













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